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Next Year In Jerusalem | Psalm 113:5-9

  Photo Credit -  Chatham Van Wingerden "Who is like the Lord our God Who is seated on High?" Father, even as beggars we come, crawling like worms towards Your feet. Tonight, I ask You this. Tomorrow, I will ask You that. I raise my tearful voice to Heaven and always ask for answers – why, oh Lord, do You let evil walk the Earth as it does? Why does it consume, ever-hungry but never satisfied, like an open mouth that no number of bodies, dust, debris can fill? Why does it lay waste to the creation, even if it is chained to entropy?  "Who looks far down on the heavens And the earth." Father, we cannot get to You. We claw at Heaven, trying to bring it down in the manner of chaos that we are so accustomed to, or we build staircases. But staircases are circular – even as we ascend, we only find ourselves falling into a pit from which we cannot escape. We have built chimneys, as if we might smoke You out of the sky, but You are not in the sky, that we might see Your out

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